Advanced Texas Holdem Poker Strategy

If you think you are a pro at playing the game Texas Holdem, there is always something more that you can learn. Finding a new Texas Holdem poker strategy may help you to win the next game. This advanced Texas Holdem Strategy involves playing a game that is commonly referred to as a Suited Connector. This involves using a particular card that is next to each other such as a Jack of Hearts and a Queen of Hearts. You want to be able to hit the flop when you are playing with suited connectors.

When you play with suited connectors, it makes is even more challenging to win a game. When playing this advanced Texas Holdem poker strategy, you have more of a chance to create a flush or straight in order to win the game. However, it may take you several hands before you master this move.

This advanced Texas Holdem poker strategy is not for beginners. You should be playing more of an intermediate game and you should have the ability to handle reading the other team players. When you try this move as a beginner, you may end up finding yourself concentrating on the straights only and not any other move which can cost you a game. You also have not built up the skills yet to know how to read the other team players.

If the suited connectors are played before the flop, you may want to call your bet. If you call it twice, you are still doing well, however if you keep calling it, you may find that you are looking suspicious.

Allow the pot to accumulate before you start bidding. Playing suited connectors come with a price and you won't make a lot of money playing with suited connectors however you will be able to show some profit over a few games and you will win the respect of everyone at the table.

Some players decide to go for the connectors of lower suits and that is fine if you want to do that however you may need to learn when to fold more often otherwise you may not win as many rounds. When you play a lower suit you don't have a higher chance of winning a straight or a flush.

Do you know what pot odds are? When you play with suited connectors it is important to make yourself more aware of what this means and how it is going to affect you.

You may also want to try another Texas Holdem poker strategy called Stealing the Blinds. More times than not, when the game is running tense, players may fold in order to avoid the tension before the flop. If you find that all the players in the game have folded before the dealer does, the dealer will most likely place another bet to raise. This Texas Holdem strategy is to get the big blind and the small blind to fold if possible. If they do fold then the dealer wins.